Personal Condominiums/
Single Unit Investment Opportunities

The mainstay of what FFD focuses on is the design of apartment, condominium communities. Both real and  possible needs are addressed with attention given to accessibility and independence supports. Every building encorporates elevator service, an indoor multi-purpose room and an outside patio. Social kitchen and fitness access are also top priority.

Options are given in suite sizings to help ensure affordability. Condominium units are intended to able to be funded through CMHC mortgage insurance if desired. One bedroom units are expected to begin around $200k. These projects will be built sequentially and possibly simultaneously in prime retirement markets throughout Alberta and beyond. Locations will be prioritized based on demand. Appropriate land has already been identified in several communities.

Opportunity for rental pool management and residence rental exchange are being planned for owners. Vacancy is not expected.  Waiting lists for units is expected! Detail plans will be provided to qualified purchasers.

Firm Foundation Developments

Firm Foundation Developments is a professional home building company that also specializes in property rental and investment properties.

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