Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Are your builds New Home Warranty Approved?

A: All individual Condominiums will be built with New Home Warranty by experienced, reputable builders. All joint venture builds will be built by experienced, reputable builders according to appropriate rules and agreements.

Q: What is considered a “reasonsble commute” to a large centre?

A: While some retirement centres will be located in “major centres” such as Edmonton and Calgary, more  will be found about 1 hr away. This distance provides greater access to large parcels of land at cheaper prices.  Condo Boards may look at the operation of “passenger busses” to facilitate resident travels.

Q: How can I ensure I’m not going to ve “scammed” in this type of Real Estate Venture.

A: FFD will use a very well respected and trusted Real Estate Lawyer in all transactions.  Any deposit of funds will be late in the process and will be held in trust by the lawyer until conditions are released.  FFD advises all prospective purchasers to do the same in hiring a lawyer.

Q: How soon do you expect to Break Ground” on a project?

A: All financing partners will require a certain percentage of “Pre-sales” before a project can go ahead.  That said, I would expect ground to be broken late Spring/ Early Summer 2023!


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Firm Foundation Developments is a professional home building company that also specializes in property rental and investment properties.

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